Over 100 Years of
Combined Industry Experience

We invest in the best available professionals, are committed to ongoing training and development, and continue to cross-pollinate our experiences and ideas to provide high output, successful project. We are big picture thinkers that strive for results in a conscientious and collaborative manner.

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The Bottom

MPM understands the big picture and delivers solutions that meet the needs of project stakeholders and provide client satisfaction.

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Our senior staff has experience executing small, medium, and large construction projects in Europe, USA, and Canada. This fact helps us to combine our experiences to offer different perspectives to problem solving, negotiating and mentoring.

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MPM has senior level hands-on experience in the following sectors:

  • Wind Power

    Turbine foundations, turbine erection, transportation logistics
    Collector systems, submerged cables, overhead transmission lines, substations
  • Hydro Power

    Run of river and impounded dam construction
    Transmission lines and substations
    Lake tap construction
  • Industrial

    Wastewater and potable water treatment plants
    Cement production facilities
    Natural resources and mining
  • Infastructure

    Major roadworks
  • Commercial

    Large office and mixed use buildings
    Demolition and refurbishments
  • Power Delivery

    Overhead, underground, and submarine power delivery
    Routing and permitting
    Structure design, selection, and optimization
    PLS CADD Modelling
    Clearing and access
    Material Procurement
    Construction Management
    Asset Management
    Emergency and Failure Response Engineering Services


BluEarth Renewables
Narrows Inlet Hydro Facility: (current) Providing construction management services including procurement, project management, site supervision, and sub-consultant coordination for the development of three hydro generating stations with the capacity to generate 33 MW of clean, renewable power in the Tzoonie River Valley, BC.

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